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Louise Male, Architect.

Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture 1988.

A practicing architect for 25 years.  

Director of Development, The Male Household.

Design junkie, Maker, Etsy shop owner, pet lover, Up-cycler.


Merola Design Studio 

Specializing in residential design, from new construction and additions to interior renovations and design.

When you are planning to build or renovate contact an architectural designer first.

When you choose to work with an architectural designer, you are working with a professional who will expand your

ideas for your home.

A designer will find the art and soul of your idea and turn them into three dimensional space.

A designer understands spatial volume and construction, sees potential which the untrained eye might miss.

Merola Design Studios Expertise 

  • Turn your ideas into reality with intelligent, process-oriented creativity. 

  • Create nurturing spaces which will reflect your personality, where you will feel secure and organized.

  • Environmentally concious.

  • Site and neighborhood sensitive.

  • Knowledge of construction and clear and concise working drawings. 

  • Individual attention for your project.

  • On schedule and within budget.

  • Professional negoitiation of the building permit process - planning, review boards and building departments.




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